This sucks. This sucks partly because I’m older than Bernie Mac. It also sucks because no one should die of pneumonia and no one should die at 50. I liked Bernie Mac, even though I’m not big on ‘raunch’ comedy but he had a decent comedy series on tv and he seemed like a decent guy. I thought he was funny most of the time.

I don’t get it, seems to me evolution f-upped somewhere along the way. I can understand cancer, somewhat. Cells multiply out of control, destroying neighboring cells, and generally ruining your insides. Defective code. Cells, like a machine out of control, spitting out too many copies, defective copies, like an atomic pile melting down that can’t be stopped.

Bacteria and viruses like pneumonia, seems like they are intent on killing their host organism. What’s up with that? Doesn’t make sense to me when viewed in evolutionary terms. Seems to me the perfect disease is a parasite; feeding on a living body but not killing it. If a virus kills its host, it dies too. What kind of evolutionary sense does that make? Of course they say a virus isn’t alive anyway. Still, if it kills its host, it fades away too.

There has been much news about antibiotics losing their effectiveness because bacteria has adapted into new resistant strains. In fact, there is a lengthy article in this weeks, (or was it last weeks?) New Yorker about drug resistant bugs. Scary. But why must they destroy a living organism? Where’s the guy in charge of evolution? Seems to me he or she has some ‘splaining to do. Shouldn’t these bugs have evolved to the point where they can ensure they own survival? Hey, they’ve had eons to work on this. Someone needs to be fired.

Getting back to Bernie, sorry ’bout the rant, but I still say it sucks. He had other health problems apparently, so maybe the pneumonia took advantage of the weakened defenses in his body. Still, it doesn’t seem right. No more Bernie, no more pneumonia. Pneumonia must be pretty damn stupid.

If anyone knows who I can complain to, please let me know.