An American flag and a mini-DVD are attached to the Phoenix Lander’s deck as show in this photo. The DVD is the round object to the left of the flag at the bottom of the picture.Lander flag and dvd

The DVD, supplied by the Planetary Society, contains a message to future Martian explorers.

Perhaps this is a tacit admission that life doesn’t exist on Mars? At least the sort of life that uses DVD players?

It’s possible future Martian explorers from Earth won’t be using this technology either. Anyway, it is an inexpensive addition to the Lander which helps generate interest in the program. The fact that more than a quarter million people requested their name be included on the DVD speaks to the interest factor.

The DVD contains a message to future explorers, science fiction stories, art inspired by Mars, and the names of more than 250,000 residents of Earth.

Photo credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona