The gas tax proposal as promulgated by Senators McCain and Clinton is a bad idea as shown in this Ben Sargent cartoon as it will: increase demand for a commodity that should be conserved, reduce funds available for repairing roads and bridges that the gas tax is used for, and increase the federal deficit.

The proposal to suspend the 18 cent per gallon tax for the summer while the average cost per gallon is currently $3.60 is only 5% of the cost. It doesn’t nothing except pander to the voting public and allow these two candidates to over hype the proposal like they’re delivering a windfall to the American public. In fact, since Senator McCain first made the proposal a few weeks ago, the cost of gasoline has risen over 20 cents per gallon, obliterating any savings the consumer may have gained.

However, the proposal seems to be resonating some with Indiana voters. I hope they will consider the trade-off of short-term relief (very short-term) versus the long-term damage the tax suspension will create. I would be more in favor of a small tax credit for low income tax payers rather than an across the board cut for everyone, including those with large vehicles.

I believe Senator Obama is on the right side of this issue. In informing us of his decision he is going against popular sentiment, however, we need someone to start talking straight to us. It’s tiring to hear those in or vying for positions of responsibility to make all sorts of promises only to conveniently ignore the same promises once they are elected to office. Let’s show Senators Clinton and McCain that we’ve wizened up a wee bit over the past few years.