NASA announced today a new web site dedicated to centralizing and enhancing information about their wide range of scientific missions and achievements.

They’ve done a good job of organizing and presenting information with enhanced links on the main page.

The main page contains links to:

  • Interactive tables and searches for Earth, heliophysics, planetary and astrophysics missions;
  • Insight into dark matter and dark energy, planets around other stars, climate change, Mars and space weather;
  • Resources for researchers including links to upcoming science solicitations and opportunities;
  • A mapping of science questions for NASA science missions and the data they produce;
  • A citizen-scientist page with access to resources that equip the public to engage in scientific investigation;
  • Expanded “For Educators” and “For Kids” pages to provide access to a broader range of resources for learning the science behind NASA missions;
  • Easy-to-navigate design and an improved search engine to help find information;

The site can be found at: .

A nicely laid out site map that shows all the available links is: .