Since Senator McCain is 71, his pick for a Vice-President looms as a very important decision. He would be the oldest person ever to win the presidency, and likely just a one term president. As Ken Rudin, who writes the Political Junkie column for National Public Radio, points out; Senator McCain’s mother is 95 and apparently in good health. So who knows? Still, Senator McCain has battled cancer in the past.

Rudin’s list of possibilities that Senator McCain may be likely to consider for the second spot on the GOP ticket along with my comments in parenthesis are:

  1. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (will be 61 in Oct.; doesn’t want to be President; probably a decent choice)
  2. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (uh-uh, not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent; the Bush named is tainted)
  3. Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (not well known, seems to be active as fraud fighter, and air pollution crusader)
  4. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina (served in USAF so has military service, compromises sometimes against party line)
  5. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (wants badly to be President, good public speaker, brings religious right)
  6. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas (would balance the diversity on the Democrat’s ticket, generally conservative)
  7. Joe Lieberman, Senator from Connecticut (very good friends with McCain, would be able to work with Democrats)
  8. Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska (another good diversity move, young at 44, pro-life, opposes same sex marriages)
  9. Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota (won election by margin of 1%, is 47, co-chair of McCain’s campaign)
  10. Former Rep. Rob Portman of Ohio (former Director of Office of Management & Budget and McCain has admitted not knowing much about economic policy)
  11. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (doesn’t get along with McCain, wouldn’t be the first time a VP and President didn’t)
  12. South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (staunch conservative, might bring disaffected Republicans out to vote)
  13. Sen. John Thune of South Dakota (Christian conservative, rated 100 by American Conservative Union)

My choice would be Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. I am not voting Republican but I am trying to look at this from Senator McCain’s perspective. She is young and her political philosophies are a closer match to Senator McCain’s. The downside might be that she wouldn’t bring a specific interest group with her but there are so many on the Republican side, it would be hard to do anyway. I think she would bring women to the party and possibly some Democratic women, especially those who will be upset if Senator Clinton doesn’t get the nomination.