Dione 031908 This image of Dione, released March 19, is the Saturn-facing side taken on February 8 at a distance of 211,000 km (131,000 mi) by the Cassini spacecraft.

Enormous canyons can be seen crossing from mid-latitude at right down to the moon’s south polar region. It looks like someone took a saw and started to make cuts into the surface of the moon.

Cassini is performing several flybys of the moons and rings of Saturn bringing in valuable data and wonderful pictures of these objects.

Dione is 1,126 km (700 mi) wide and was discovered in 1684. It is composed mainly of water ice with possibly some silicate rock at its core, making it the third densest moon of Saturn behind Enceladus and Titan.

Photo: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute