Saturn's rings

The rings of Saturn never produce an un-awe- inspiring image.

The bright ring in the middle is the B ring, caused by wake like features of the ring which reflect sunlight differently than the other rings, making it unusually bright. This image was taken about 574,000 km (357,000 mi) from Saturn by the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft.

For a very good image and annotation of Saturn’s rings that can be enlarged with a high resolution, see this link—

Photo: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

Whenever I see pictures of Saturn’s rings, I’m (for some reason) reminded of the 1970’s song by Cymarron, a soft rock band. It seems an appropriate ode to rings. The lyrics are below.

Ring, ring, telephone rings
Somebody said, “Baby what you doin?”
I been wondering where you been
Now and then, I think about you and me
No use fightin’ ’bout things we can’t recall
It don’t matter now at all,
Just come on home
Baby we’ll laugh and sing
We’ll make love, we’ll let the telephone ring
‘Ring, ring, doorbell ring’
Baby come on in, got James Taylor on the stereo
I’m glad you’ve come around, I’ve been feelin’ down
Just talkin’ to Tony and Mario
You know they make good conversation,
Still it ain’t no consolation
Cause I got love, baby I’ll give you some
And if somebody comes, we’ll let the doorbell ring
Said ‘Ring, ring, golden rings
Around the sun, around your pretty finger’
‘Ring, ring, voices ring
With a happy tune, anybody can be a singer’
The sun come up across the city
I swear you never looked so doggone pretty
Hand in hand,
We’ll stand upon the sand
With the preacher man
Let the wedding bells ring
Oh-ohhh, hand in hand
We’ll stand upon the sand
Upon the sand
Upon the sand
With the preacher man
Let the wedding bells ring….