I want to know from the candidates, “Whom would you hire?”

By most accounts, President Bush is presiding over a failed presidency, precisely, in my humble opinion, due to hiring people like “Brownie” to serve as FEMA’s chief. Michael Brown, not to beat a dead horse, is a perfect example of President Bush’s modus operandi and the crux of his problems as Chief Executive. People whose loyalty is traded for at the expense of their competency will also doom any future administration.

Look at President Reagan’s administration. Reagan had a general outline of what he wanted to accomplish, hired staff with personality to work with people and competency to discuss technical details of their policy, and they executed Reagan’s goals effectively. Reagan was “on vacation” quite a bit of the time. His subordinates did the work.

We will not know until near election time or after, the staffing plans of any of these candidates. They may not know themselves, but presumably, they are developing lists of people in case they are nominated. It’s not too soon for them to be thinking of this and if I could be a reporter and ask them all a question; the question I would ask is, “Whom would you hire?” If they act bewildered as if they have no clue, well, that provides a clue in itself.