With a 250 pound eraser made of actual rubber, and 4,000 pounds of Pennsylvania graphite, Guinness World Record maker Ashrita Furman has broken another Guinness record.

largest pencilphoto by Robert Cohen, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In total, it weighs 22,000 pounds and is 76 feet long. On display at the City Museum in St. Louis, the pencil was temporarily broken in two for its transport from Queens, New York City to St. Louis, where it will be reattached.

Furman is 53 years old and a health food store manager with a hobby of breaking Guiness records. He claims to have broken 177 records in his lifetime and currently holds 72. The pencil took 7,000 man hours and $20,000 to build. It breaks the Faber-Castell record of a 65 foot pencil outside its world headquarters in Malaysia.

Now all Furman needs to do is to built the worlds largest pencil sharpener!