This was one great radio. It had FM, but as I recall, in 1971 I could only receive a country music station and a classical music station on that band. I listened to WLS-AM in Chicago and KXOK-AM in St. Louis. I used to pick up the weekly list of top 40 singles put together by KXOK at the Famous-Barr department store in downtown St. Louis. Famous-Barr is now defunct, having recently been bought out by Macy’s. WLS is talk radio now and KXOK is also defunct. It’s replacement is a religious programming station. I have many fond memories of KSLQ-FM in St. Louis later in the seventies. Most of my peers were listening to KSHE-FM at the time. KSLQ is long gone. I remember listening to this radio in December 1975 or 1977, can’t exactly recall, when KSLQ played the top 100 songs of the year as a year end ritual. Number one was “Never Been Any Reason” by Head East. It had just been re-released on a major label and I hadn’t yet heard of it. I thought how can a song like that be #1 on their “Top 100” when I hadn’t even heard any airplay on KSLQ yet? Time proved to me their judgment was a little better that I thought at the time. Although on Billboard’s Hot 100, it only reached a peak position of #68.

I bought the radio from money I earned mowing yards. I believe it was $19.95 when I purchased it and the band in between the FM and AM scale is a weather band. It had “Two-Way Power” which just means you could use batteries or an AC outlet. The telescoping antenna extended out quite a bit, at least three feet I think. And I remember it weighing a few pounds. iPod users – eat your heart out. They don’t make them like that any more.


 The 1971 GE P975/P977 AM/FM Rugged Portable