This link leads to a wonderful site run by the BBC that contains episodes of the British television show “The Sky at Night” going back to 2001. I often buy the magazine which contains a video CD of the show with a lot of extras as well and recently discovered the web site. I couldn’t let a gem like this site go by without mentioning it.

The show has been on British television for fifty years hosted by the same man, Sir Patrick Moore, who is eighty-four and an amateur astronomer. Some recent episodes talk about the moon landings, the Perseid meteor showers, the Milky Way doomed to collide with the Andromeda galaxy, black holes, the Saturn missions, Venus, Mars, and on and on and on. The shows last about a half hour, are absolutely packed with information and are commercial free. The January episode is about cosmic debris like asteroids and meteor showers.

If you’re an astronomy geek like me, you’ll love it.

BBC Sky at Night Magazine