Is Mike Bloomberg planning on running in the 2008 campaign? Will $11.5 billion win him the election? Okay $2.5 billion. He needs to save some funds for old age.

Bloomberg is considered pro-choice on abortion rights and leans toward the center if not the left a bit on social issues. He favors stem-cell research, gun control and same sex marriage. He is a conservative regarding economic issues, hates taxes and supports fiscal conservatism. If Iowa is any indication, money is not the end all and be all this time around. If he could get nominated he might be competitive in the election. Republicans won’t nominate a social liberal in my opinion. I don’t think he has a chance as a Republican candidate.

Is Bloomberg Ross Perot with smaller ears? Perhaps Bloomberg could be competitive as an independent. Maybe he doesn’t care about winning, but merely wants to draw voters away from the Democrats. This is where the Ross Perot effect comes into play. Or call it the Ralph Nader effect if you prefer. I didn’t like it when they offered an “alternative” and I don’t like the thought of an independent candidate now either.

I read Bloomberg’s entry in Wikipedia this afternoon and under the table of contents box was a heading in bold that said “Criminal Intent”. The paragraph basically said that any act drawing votes away from legitimate candidates was against federal election laws and could be criminally prosecuted. I was stunned to read this as there was no disclaimer to say the paragraph lacked citation of sources, which is the Wiki way of disclaiming dubious entries. I must have read the paragraph soon after it was posted because it has since been removed. The factual biography of Bloomberg now appears below the table of contents.

He has the right to enter if he wants and presumably must decide soon. The Florida primary is January 29th and if he isn’t running by then, forget it. Even though I’m not in the Republican camp, I would feel cheated as a voter. We finally have a political season where candidates of both parties have engaged in numerous debates where some actual substantive information has been exchanged. Bloomberg has missed all this and has not had to face his peers and the scrutiny of reporters in a debate.

I hope there is no chant for “Let’s Get Mikey”.