A case can be made that Iowa is unimportant, that New Hampshire is the prize. Something like two presidents were elected without winning New Hampshire. All the others won it. A case can also be made and has been ad infinitum that Iowa is the most important. Iowa establishes momentum and bragging rights. Like a lot of stuff in life, there is no right or wrong answer. It is of course better to win than not. It at least feels better.

I thought all along money, campaign warchests that is, would win out. Oops! Watching Obama talk to Iowans, I noticed he did something different from Hillary. He looked the person straight in the eye and gave them all the time they desired to talk. My impression only; many others may not have received this treatment. Hillary seemed to be smiling and shaking her head up and down and trying to listen to individuals she was speaking to, but seemed to be looking over to the next in line quite often or not paying 100% attention. You know how when you first started working and the CEO sees you and says hello. You just know he was thinking about his golf game and wasn’t really interested in how you were getting settled in to your new job.

Obama made good use of the Internet and garnered a lot of first time voters; and young people, many, many young people. These are the ones who want change and are willing to stand up and say so. I think the desire for change hurt Hillary and more than offset those who desired experience. I think Edwards did as expected and may even finish slightly ahead of Hillary. I’m not too surprised Obama won.

I am surprised Huckabee won. Again, I anticpated the money that Romney has would do the job for him. Oops! Even though the polls clearly showed Huckabee gaining favor. Perhaps the speech  Romney gave on December 6 was a mistake. I say this because the Wall Street Journal is reporting that nearly six in ten Republican voters said they were evangelical or born-again Christians and they went for Huckabee. Apparently voters were attracted to Romney for the same reason Hillary attracted voters – experience. Huckabee attracted voters who shares his values and were looking for change on the Republican side as well.

Romney is going to have another problem in New Hampshire from McCain who has been making a come-back of sorts in the polls. McCain didn’t even campaign in Iowa, but will in New Hampshire. Guiliani is sitting out until Florida’s primary on January 29.

So what’s it all mean? On Friday Obama and Huckabee will be saying, “See, people want a fresh, new leader who can bring about change. I am that leader.” Hillary and Romney will be saying, “Yeah, we knew it would be a tough fight, but it ain’t over ’til its over.”