The countdown is on and it’s four days to go until the Iowa caucus. John McCain appeared Sunday morning on ABC’s “This Week”, Mitt Romney appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and John Edwards appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation”. The mud slinging is in full force and apparent on television although the Democrats are stabbing each other in the back with a slightly duller blade than the Republicans.

While Romney and Huckabee have a ‘knock-down-drag-out’ fight underway in Iowa, McCain in rising in the new Hampshire polling numbers like a stealth airplane. In his television appearance, McCain was asked if he thought Romney was a phony, as his campaign ads have cited a New Hampshire editorial saying as much. He replied,” I think he’s a person who’s changed his positions on many issues.” McCain was so much a gentleman as he twisted that knife around in Romney’s back. Huckabee was a bit rougher with his attack on Romney and nearly called Romney a liar for distorting Huckabee’s record saying, “Mitt Romney is running a desperate, and frankly, a dishonest campaign. If you aren’t being honest in obtaining a job, can we trust you to be honest if you get the job?” Ouch!

Hillary Clinton also appeared on “This Week” and continued to pound away at the experience issue saying, ” What people know about me is that I’ve been vetted and I’ve been tested.” The remark has good and bad connotations in my mind and I’m not sure it is a helpful statement for her campaign.

The latest polls show Clinton, Obama and Edwards in a dead heat in Iowa. Huckabee has a slight lead but Romney is gaining ground, or maybe its that Huckabee is losing ground. I may get a six pack of beer and spend Thursday night watching the outcome on television.