Recent polls in New Hampshire suggest Hillary’s once wide lead there is shrinking. This is important because her campaign’s thinking has been that should they lose in Iowa, New Hampshire is a fall back easy victory to even the score. Iowa now is basically a toss up and not just between Obama & Hillary. Edwards is viable there as well, as his recent gains have shown. Iowa is a must for Edwards; he has been campaigning there for several weeks, and it is paying off.

Should New Hampshire turn into a toss up race, look for Hillary’s campaign to start using more desperate tactics. This is a problem for her as she is not good at mudslinging. Oh, she can do it, but she comes off looking bad, crass even. She can’t afford to lose the first two primaries. This is just “what if” discussion because she is in the lead in New Hampshire, but the trend is turning against her favor. 

According to today’s Wall Street Journal, new polls in South Carolina (primary date Jan. 26) and Florida (primary date Jan. 29) show Hillary in a tie with Barrack. And a poll this past week in California, the big kahuna of the Feb. 5 Super Tuesday states, show Hillary’s lead also shrinking, although still big. It appears even if Edward’s finishes third in Iowa and New Hampshire, it will be a close third, not a distant third. What of him them? Depends on his financial situation. This is turning out better that the top two college basketball teams playing for the NCAA title. You can’t tell who’s going to win until the clock runs out.

Of course no ones knows what’s going to happen in the next year, but if a Democrat wins the Presidential election, I believe the winner should take the “Team of Rivals”approach that President Lincoln used when he won in 1861. The should include their competitors in their cabinet. Better to have them working for you than against you.