I saw a lengthy article in PC World regarding the 15 biggest technology disappointments in 2007. I’ve summarized the list here:

15. Amazon Unbox – Amazon’s video delivery service – ugly, cluttered interface lacking sophistication of tunes with weird selection & cumbersome searching;

14. Municipal WiMax – Sprint, Clearwire, EarthLink bailed out of wimax development plans – bottom line reason? – cost;

13. Social networks – over 3.2 million social networks – PC World predicts 90% will be gone in 2 years – bottom line reason? – they all look the same, no differentiation;

12. Internet security – everyone talks about it, but no one can do much about it;

11. Microsoft Zune – outsold by Apple’s iPod 30 to 1 – bottom line reason? – the DRM scheme;

10. Wireless cell phone networks – poor innovation, voice quality still sucks and broadband networks scarce;

9. Office 2007 – stupidly changed file formats & user interface, doesn’t do anything new and way too expensive;

8. Apple’s Leopard OS 10.5 – problems with wireless connections, admin logins disappearing,and a security bug from OS 10.4 resurfaced;

7. Voice over IP – too many lawsuits, second tier players going belly-up and security problems;

6. the Broadband industry – unlimited broadband, don’t count on it. The buzzword is “traffic shaping” by the carriers.

5. Apple’s iPhone – nice phone, problematic broadband service, pricing initially expensive followed by a sudden drop left many people who paid more upset;

4. Yahoo – guys, don’t give any more info to the Chinese government;

3. Facebook Beacon – irritating;

2. Hi Def format war – bottom line, didn’t the VHS vs. Betamax wars teach us anything;

1. Windows Vista – direct quote from PC World “Five years in the making and this is the best Microsoft could do?”

Read the entire article for the details.