Oprah is on the Obama bandwagon strutting her stuff through the states of Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire. Is this a good thing? (Not that she’s strutting her stuff, but that she’s on the Obama bandwagon.) I have mixed emotions. As she was able to bring many people to read who probably were reluctant to pick up a book, and to make multimillion sellers out of books that may have only gathered average attention from the reading public from the pulpit of her talk show and her aptly named Oprah’s book club; she is increasing the attention and interest in candidate Obama from her multitude of fans and admirers. My druthers would have been for her to put the focus on the political process itself to get more people out to vote on election day, may even moderate a debate. I get weary of the same newspeople asking the candidates questions, Oprah would be a change of pace. Maybe she would lighten things up by asking the candidates where they buy their suits, or if they enjoy wearing makeup when on camera.

Obama is an energizing type of guy; a break from the past and something new for the future, potentially, and now he seems to be pulling ahead of candidate Clinton in some polls. Was Oprah responsible for this or would he be the new front runner anyway? Huckabee seems to be similarly situated in the Republican camp and he doesn’t have anyone like Oprah stumping for him.

Oprah’s web site seems to be staying non-political, that’s good I think. A visit to her site today has the usual fluff: “Suddenly Skinny”, “Celebrity Hairstylists Reveal Their Secrets”, “Get Ready for the Holidays”, and a picture of an actor – soon to be guest – from Grey’s Anatomy hanging upside down in a straight jacket with the tag line ‘part rock star, and part Houdini’.

With this in mind, I’m glad to see Oprah talking about the issues and her support for Obama in a constructive way on the campaign trail. I hope her support stays positive, which is easier to do when your candidate is ahead in the polls. Otherwise she’ll just be another unwelcome addition to the decibel level heading to the primaries in January and February.

Clinton looked to be the 800 pound guerilla to beat (no offense Hillary). A hurricane though will take care of any size gorilla. Hurricane Oprah will at least make it a race for Obama, perhaps even help him pull ahead. Maybe it will be easier for him if you trust the poll data, which I tend to be skeptical of. For instance, CNN has Clinton ahead of Obama and Newsweek has Obama ahead of Clinton in Iowa.