For tracking the political vote in the 2008 election, I recommend this web site. It currently has the electoral votes from the 2004 election on the map. If you scroll down just a bit. it lists chronologically in a table all the upcoming primaries.

 Here are the primaries it shows that are scheduled for January:

State Democrats Republicans
Iowa January 3, 2008 January 3, 2008
New Hampshire January 8, 2008 January 8, 2008
Michigan January 15, 2008 January 15, 2008
Nevada January 19, 2008 January 19, 2008
South Carolina January 26, 2008 January 19, 2008
Florida January 29, 2008 January 29, 2008

Most of the primaries are taking place in February, specifically February 5, although there are other February primaries. This site rates each state as to how strong they are leaning to the Democratic or Republican side. Hovering your mouse over each state pops up a box with detailed info on how that state votes. There is no advertising on the site, which is also a plus in my view. Although it is currently only updated for the primaries and has some old information from the last general election, this will be a nice resource to use next year for reliable non-partisan vote tracking information. Below the primary schedule is the prototype for the 2008 election tracking. Check it out & see if you think whether it’s worthy of a bookmark.