Well, I thought I would start a blog. Yes, and next month, I want to try these new things called CD’s – and oh – something called DVD’s; I want to get some of those too. Also, those little square gadgets with a picture of an apple on them that you hold in your hand with plugs running from them up into your ears. I don’t know what they do but everyone has one, so me too. Anyone want to buy a slightly used Betamax?

I guess I am doing this for therapy. After all, I am reading a book, “The Interpretation of Murder” by Jed Rubenfeld, quite good by the way; anyway, one of the main characters is actually Sigmund Freud. So the analytical processes spoken of in the book must be transferring over into my subconcious (Freud was big on transference apparently), hence my expectation of receiving some sort of therapy from the random act of putting down on paper anything that pops into my mind. Although, if Freud was around, he would probably advise against me doing this as it will demonstrate unequivocally just how crazy I really am. No need to prove that by putting into words what is running through my head, just let people keep on suspecting I’m nuts. Oh well, maybe I should keep the betamax.

Rant #1 – A local car company selling new vehicles is airing a commercial on local tv that shows a bloodmobile in the background with, presumably, their employees lined up outside, waiting to get in to give blood. I’ve worked at companies that had bloodmobiles come by and the process usually involves a couple of people entering the bloodmobile every ten minutes or so. This ad is funny to me because the line of employees is not moving at all during the commercial; they are stiff and staring straight ahead, and they are lined up 8-10 deep outside the bloodmobile door. I have no idea what the commercial is about and I’ve seen it several times. I keep looking at those people in line, glad that I’m not one of them.

I feel better already.